Drums on the Night Air

    Veronica Cecil takes you back to a time when the Democratic Republic of Congo was just about to start enjoying its colonial emancipation and the capital was still called Léopoldville, not Kinshasa.


    Moving back to Africa after escaping the trappings of the apartheid era that was causing irreparable rifts in South Africa, was not something that this mother was initially looking forward to, for good reason.


    The preface alone is enough to catch the attention of anyone with a slight interest in the history of the DRC. This book takes readers on a tumultuous and emotional rollercoaster of a journey.


    Follow a South African-raised British woman and her child escape the clutches of Congolese rebels and militia set in a beautiful African country slowly being taken apart by warring natives. Oh and by the way, she’s pregnant.


    Drums Of The Night Air: A Woman’s Flight From Africa’s Heart of Darkness is out now

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