Becks Green Box Project

    ‘It’s just about people who have got something to say, art is communication at the highest level, I’ve always fought against the idea that one is just one type of artist, this breaks down barriers’-Nick Knight.


    As we sat in what appeared to be a dark dungeon in Shoreditch sipping coffee and orange juice on a Monday morning, TRC and the other journalists invited to the launch of Becks’ Green Box Project wondered what could involve the award-winning photographer and artist Nick Knight and the thought-provoking and controversial Tracey Emin.


    All in the name of art, the Green Box project invites musicians, artists and designers to come together and deliver something worthy of being displayed in green boxes scattered across the globe.


    This ‘call to action’ has already drawn in 30 handpicked artists including Belgian conceptual artist Arne Quinze whose creation landed on top of the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day.




    The Breakdown


    Who: Becks


    What: They have set up a global fund and will commission projects by artists, designers and musicians that will be featured across the world in cool green boxes visible only through the use of your Smartphones.


    When: Submissions are welcome from August 8th and the first batch of commissioned projects will be available to view in augmented reality from next year.


    Where: To submit your idea go to


    How: Go to


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