A Rose by Any Other Name is Called Lily

    The Right Copy first came across Lily at Style and Substance in February and she was shockingly good. The voice that sang out the lyrics for her single ‘Crazy’ was only enhanced by the acoustic guitar that strummed beside her.


    We caught up with the talented singer/songwriter who told us about when she joined the music game. ‘I started singing a lot when I was 14 with MCs, although I never really saw myself as a singer, more a writer.’


    Breaking into the music industry is a juggling act, something that we’re not all gifted at, but somehow Lily manages it, ‘I like to be busy so that motivates me in itself. Every day I write a list of everything, I need to keep on top of things and it’s sad to say that I really enjoy crossing things off it and working my way down’.


    Lily describes herself as ‘acoustic, raw, and lyrically driven’ and we would like to add simply pure and unadulterated. Lily’s sound is perfect for warm summer afternoons, this young lady possesses a voice as illuminating as the sun rays the UK has been lacking over the last few weeks.


    Her vocals on the track ‘For You’ was hailed a success on 1Xtra, the combination of a quality funky house mix and catchy lyrics make it a hit. It wouldn’t be untrue to suggest that Lily’s output is influenced by the music that she indulges in. ‘I listen to so many different types of music, probably my most favourite is UK garage, but I love all types of dance music as well as more indie’.


    Currently rotating on the live music circuit Lily told us, ‘I’m promoting two records at the moment, one is with a production collective called Funkystepz, the track’s called ‘Circles’ and is a house record. The other is with a grime producer called Rude Kid and is much softer, but also has Rude Kid’s distinctive grime elements.’


    For more information about what Lily is up to follow her on twitter (@lilymckenzie) and like her facebook page too (lily mckenzie).

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