Ode to the Studio Killers

    TRC stumbled across a track that is making people do crazy things on the dancefloor in Scandinavia. Ode to the Bouncer has been written for each and every one of us that has ever wanted to put a bouncer back in their place, but were sober enough to realise that this was not a good idea.


    Now, TRC were impressed upon the first listen to the single, and wondered who was behind the edgy illustrations and animation that came along with Ode to the Bouncer, ‘We’re Studio Killers and we’re comprised of Cherry, Dyna Mink and Goldie Foxx.’


    Before the musical combination of Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink could reach the eargasmic proportions that they have managed, they recruited Cherry, who fit perfectly with what was already a pretty feisty pair.


    So with Cherry, Dyna and Goldie now a solid unit, how did they come up with this – let’s call it as it is – amazing track? ‘Once we had teamed up with Cherry, we played her a backing track, which we felt was very strong…that ended up being the foundation for our little ditty’ Goldie Foxx told us.


    We’re still bopping our heads to this tune and believe that you will too, so check out the video that goes with it below.


    We already like their music, but we appreciated Studio Killers even more when they told us that they rated our free copyright service and would definitely consider using it to protect their own creative work.


    We were also informed that the animated bunch’s debut album is dropping this autumn. TRC would advise you to follow their path to success as closely as you can through the most popular means today, facebook and twitter.

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