Some months ago The Right Copy team were mingling with journalists while waiting to hear Roots Manuva’s latest album, we drank from the free bar and wondered whether we’d be disappointed and disheartened or excited and willing to plug Roots Manuva’s fifth studio album 4EVEREVOLUTION.


    We were excited and here’s why!


    Setting off an engaging tracklist is ‘Here We Go Again’, which takes us back to Roots’ origins and a very distinct London sound that has been sampled by grime artists. ‘Go Champ’ features an 80s-like groove and ‘Skid Valley’ comes in hard with an instrumental introduction not too dissimilar to what you might hear on a Kanye West track.


    ‘Watch me Dance’ is a funky tune made for those that want to get a little bit crazy on the dancefloor and ‘Wha Mek’ has a bass that had us going all out and forgetting that we were at a playback party, therefore were only allowed to nod along with the rest of the journalists and bloggers in attendance.


    If you haven’t seen the ‘Get the Get’ video, then get to watching it



    TRC can only tell us what we think, let us know what you think of Roots Manuva’s latest album, which is OUT NOW!


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