he Auschwitz Violin

    In these uncertain and fearful times of economic crisis and civil unrest, as seen recently in the UK riots, it becomes ever increasingly apparent that modern society has left us all feeling great despair; brought on by its obstacles leading us to become a culture immersed in self -pity and defeatism.

    As I read Maria Angels Anglada’s ‘The Auschwitz violin’ I soon put into context the reality of an ostracised society and the sheer scale of human suffering that has occurred throughout history.


    Anglada’s heart wrenching tale of adversity and suffering centres around the horrific historical tragedy, which was Auschwitz – one of the many Nazi concentration camps which contributed to the Holocaust that killed over six million.


    The tales’ protagonist Daniel, is a skilled violin maker who upon informing the Nazi’s that he is a carpenter to save his own life due to the fact he would be deemed ‘useful’ instead of put to death, shares with us intimately both the mental and physical suffering of life within such tortured walls.

    Physical abuse, starvation and mental cruelty however, all take a backseat as Daniel’s passion for violin-making and thoughts of loved ones provide the strength and sentiment for finding a sense of heaven within his living hell.


    Anglada presents atrocity and sadness, yet allows Daniel to remain a character of integrity and dignity shying away from this becoming a tale of the holocaust, but of the strength of the human spirit.


    The Auschwitz Violin is out now!


    Reviewed by Chevonne Blackwood

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