Viva La Madness

    Viva La Madness infiltrated our vocabulary with words one shouldn’t use in front of children, friends or family, and a lot of cockney rhyming slang.


    J.J. Connolly takes you back down into the underbelly of the London crime scene run by gangsters that would scare the hardened criminal. Follow a path of mistaken identity, deceit and gun-toting Brazillians in this 416-page work of fictional mastery.


    In a word, this book is mad. Centered around the protagonist from Layer Cake, the books’ prequel that was made into a popular film. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have seen or read Layer Cake to enjoy Viva La Madness


    This British crime thriller has you guessing, running, ducking, weaving and falling in love with criminals and wondering who the bad guys really are?


    The book ends in the only way it can – with a bang.


    If this makes it onto the big screen, TRC will be there with popcorn.


    Viva La Madness is out now.


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