Dust Devils – Roger Smith

    If you want to take a trip to South Africa then take it with Roger Smith’s Dust Devils.


    This book had us wondering where the next shots would be fired from and if we would have to duck for cover.


    Dust Devils is a tale of people battling for power and supremacy, stopping at nothing to get their way.


    Although it focuses mainly on journalist Robert Dell’s dangerous path to avenging the vicious and cruel murder of his family, it also allows a glimpse into the lives of other prominent characters that may serve as example of how true South Africans live.


    Dust Devils is a brilliant crime novel that deals with the myth surrounding AIDs in certain communities within South Africa, it also touches on the traditions of Zulu wedding ceremonies and some black magic.


    This book does not fail to get your blood pumping and heart racing; it is dark, a perfect read for the autumn nights that is falling quicker and quicker.


    Dust Devils is out now

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