National Poetry Day: ‘Co-Star’, by AKS

    It’s funny that when I say a modest truth you never believe I’m being honest,

    Your illusion is that my complements are covert code for “Are you on it?”

    Though you’ve never said it, you think of me an actor,

    Perhaps the backdrop of our friendship is synthetic,

    And we’re shooting an awkward love scene against a green screen…waiting for the final edit,

    “Exuberant Confidence” played by “Uneasy Conscience”

    “Random Nonsense” played by “Woman of Substance”

    Are stereotypical credits…I’d rather play myself.

    I’ve been the villain, who kidnaps the damsel in distress,

    I’ve been the hero, who rescues her and steals her heart,

    Stumbled my way through impromptu performances,

    Which have become the script, to which I stick,

    I don’t know much about “Happily ever afters”,

    But I’m accustom to predicting the twist at the end,

    There’s plenty of fish in the sea…But everybody’s casting,

    So maybe its bait why I write and direct you to read the lines,

    Its not that you’ve got the perfect face for the big screen,

    Nor that I need your celebrity status to make my production a hit,

    Just that sometimes when I look at you through these lenses…I see my co-star.


    © Akin “AKS” Wilhelm 2008

    Blak Royale / Nothing More…Nothing Less


    Follow @aksonline for more on what he is doing.

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