The (Not My) Heartbreak Poem

    Her eyes closed

    Her head bowed

    As the the world around her tumbled.


    If there was an earthquake she wished it had taken her.

    Or a flood to have washed away her pain.

    But none occured,

    But the tearing of a glowing heart.


    Her monthly smile had faded to thin air

    And her stomach was filled with dead butterflies;

    Butterflies that used to flutter some ten months ago.


    A page of her life had closed,

    and as much as she wished to tear the page she could not forget romance.

    Romance, the beautiful title of the chapter.


    She opened her eyes,

    A peaceful wind passed.

    She became calm.

    She smile.

    Thousand of butterflies hovered around her.


    She turned a page,

    And wrote new things.

    She was hopeful.

    At least she was alive…

    And so were the butterflies.




    Written by Opeoluwa Adedeji, find more of her Heart’s Licence and follow her on twitter

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