Submotion Orchestra

    This orchestra is not like any other; don’t judge a group by their name alone.




    Submotion Orchestra is currently touring around the UK to an audience that has already embraced their ‘dubstep and jazz influences’ evident in the instantly engaging single ‘Always’


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    Describing themselves as a bunch of fairly different people, ‘with mental ages that vary from single digits up to around 75’, Submotion Orchestra is a collection of talented artists, which comprises ‘Ruby Wood on vocals, Simon ‘Bobby’ Beddoe on trumpet and electronics, Taz Modi on keyboards, Chris ‘Fatty’ Hargreaves on bass, Danny T on percussion, Tommy Evans on drums, and Ruckspin, who produces and engineers.’


    Comfortable playing gigs large and small the seven-piece from Leeds explained, ‘We started by doing improvised jam gigs in tiny little bars so we’re happy playing anywhere’. Touring does, however, mean some long drives on a tour bus, which they admitted ‘can get a little grubby at the best of times’.


    While they are content with just being able to play live, there is a place that gets them quite excited, ‘The crowds on the continent are pretty special. We’ve got a week in Poland and the Czech Republic coming up soon, so we can’t wait for that’


    We like Submotion Orchestra and they appear to like our copyright service , ‘Sounds like a good plan – anything that eases the mess of bureaucracy that the music business is today is a good thing. ‘


    With their positive outlook Submotion Orchestra believe that the future is bright, perhaps more rosy than orange, ‘We hope to keep building on the momentum we’ve gathered so far, so hopefully our greatest achievements are still ahead of us.’


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    Tour Dates


    18th October: Southampton - Joiners

    20th October: Guildford - The Boileroom

    21st October: Bristol - The Thekla

    22nd October: Nottingham - Stealth

    31th October: London - XOYO

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