Poem of The Week – Un-thinkable

    This week we have a poem that is focuses on an issue that is not only thrown up during Black History Month.


    So I am dating outside of my race,


    No don’t look away, look me in the face and tell me I’m a disgrace.


    I date outside of my race because in place of the features that you despise, in place of the white skin and the blue eyes


    I see colour blind.


    I see my own reflection,


    I see me in him,


    I see him in me,


    but we won’t go there, that’s too intimate and I can barely get you to see the love between him and me, that flows through each breath that passes through our chests,


    so you wouldn’t want to know about how I feel when we undress?


    But let me stress that his white caress is beautiful, his Caucasian touch massaged my soul and he tastes better than any cracker Jacobs could manufacture.


    I am enraptured and blinded and then reminded that we cannot be, because YOU see something that I am too blind to see, something that I don’t want to see.


    Because God brought me a man that he made especially for me, and if he stole my sight for me to believe in this, then my sight he can keep, gladly.


    For if anything there is a reason for the blindness that love causes, so you can see past the labels, the I am unables, the lynching from the cables of everybody that persecutes and is ready to disable a genuine love.


    So give me my cane, so that I can remain blind to the fact that the other half of me is not the same colour as me and I’ll keep doing the un-thinkable


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