Who is Kayosoul?

    Kayosoul is leaving nothing to chance, he is here to take on the music industry in a big way and he’s using more than his singing skills to make sure that he gains attention.


    Speaking to TRC the everybody wants somebody singer explained the concept behind his new cartoon produced to give us an insight into who he is, ‘The cartoon is a a cheeky metaphor – it literally features me knocking on the door of the music industry, (represented by the Music Industry House building) and then trying to dazzle them with my musical ability so that they simply have no option but to cave in and let me in the door’.



    Working with the very talented animator Alexander King, the pair truly embraced the 21st century’s technical advantages with Skype conferences helping them to achieve an engaging production. They even went as far as recording authentic street noise ‘It was recorded on my iPhone one morning on the way to work as I walked down The Strand from Charing Cross Station’, he explained.


    This simple cartoon analogy is not too disimilar to what is happening in real life, Kayosoul has been carefully planning his attack on the music scene, ’I am currently writing and recording for my upcoming EP’, he told TRC.


    If he brings out more of we’ve already heard, then we’re thinking of surrendering.


    We think that this video has done the job of letting us know a little more about the cheeky chappy that is Kayosoul, ‘I had an absolute blast making the cartoon – it was so much fun. I’ve kind of always wanted to do a cartoon and think that this will be the first of many.’


    We can’t wait to see/hear more, but we’ll all have to, in the meantime check out our visual interview with him and follow him on twitter.


    Kayosoul’s EP will be released February 2012.

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