The Slap

    Firstly, there’s nothing like reading a good book, followed by watching a good film or television adaptation of said book. While good books are like Starbucks in America, good adaptations are like London buses in November; infrequent. Yes we’re saying that good adaptations rarely happen, but the producers of ‘The Slap’, currently showing on BBC 4 have managed to prove that it can happen by staying true to the bestselling novel first published in 2008.


    Set in Australia, Christos Tsiolkas’ book focuses on the unfortunate incident of an adult slapping a child at a barbecue. Subsequently the characters choose sides and each one takes us on a very personal journey as a court case proceeds, and close ties unravel.


    This television adaptation has been very well executed and the TRC team were quite surprised to find that the production didn’t take on a completely separate life of its own. Only thing we noticed is that the character of Aisha described as Asian in the book appears as Sophie Okonedo, hmmm?


    Appropriately scheduled after the watershed it deals with drugs, infidelity and alcoholism to name a few, and neither the book nor the TV adaptation is for the faint-hearted. This book has been described as ‘a controversial and daring novel’, now imagine that onscreen, well you don’t have to, here’s the trailer.


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