Introducing Jess Mills

    There are now two Jess’s in the game and we’ll let you decide, which one is better.


    Jess Mills can only be described as a 21st century singing siren, no not the ones that you hear at the end of a night out in Shoreditch, but a siren which is preferably pronounced using a sexy French accent (see-ren), while rolling your rrrrrs.


    Complete with her now signature flaying arms that are clearly synonymous with her euphoric pop musical style, Jess Mills is the 30 year-old songstress that beckoned in a huge crowd at Hoxton Bar and Kitchen on Tuesday night.


    Throughout the show she was captivating, but particularly during the performance of ‘A Forest’, her stage presence was unquestionably powerful. Although at times for the loud band, Jess’ vocals were inaudible, she still managed to tantalise and perhaps even mesmerise in a skin-tight, full-length black and white dress, that made a certain member of the TRC want to hit the gym.



    Her latest single Pixellated People is out on February 13th 2012. After listening to this track, we can understand why Island Records signed her and why Jess has been receiving such great reviews.


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