L.Marshall Zooms Zooms into Focus

    Remember that big tune by Wretch 32 ‘Traktor’? Well the same guy who sang the chorus just steamed over his work on the hit single with this brilliant new mixtape.


    Let’s just say that ‘The Wait’ is definitely over, in fact this mixtape has finished many of the EPs that we’ve heard this year, and now the creator L.Marshall is inciting the kind of excitement that Craig David inspired in his hey day.


    He can hold his own against his American counterparts, and we might even go as far as to call him the UK’s answer to Drake.


    While the UK cannot take all the credit, Marshall grew up in Brazil and Nigeria as well as London, the melange in his cultural background has provided us with someone that that can only be described as refreshing. At just 24 years of age, L.Marshall has already penned hits for the likes of Kelis and Loick Essien.


    As an introduction to who he is, L.Marshall’s 13-track mixtape shows a young man that has already proved his worth and is now simply giving us a little more. ‘The Wait’ features layers of sexy and fluid vocals over a solid production.


    Displaying Marshall’s versatility as an artist, the cocky intro ‘King’ differs greatly to the penultimate track ’Nightbus’, a slightly melancholic track that will be placed on repeat.


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