Interview With Our Man Willy

    When the press release reading ‘Willy Moon- I Wanna be Your Man’ landed in our inbox, it was the name that initially grabbed our attention.


    But when we watched Willy’s video, we were pleasantly surprised to find a dapper 21-year old man taking us back to the 1950s. To liken Willy to 1950s heart throb Buddy Holly would be one of the easiest comparisons to make, if you actually listen closely, you’ll hear nuances of popular black American artists that Willy says he listens to.


    ‘I’m just trying to make music that I enjoy, I listen to a lot of Jazz, Curtis Mayfield and mainly black-American music including Soul and Hip hop’


    It would be an understatement to say that we were excited to snatch some interview time with the stylish man, who has managed to create a persona that will appeal to lovers of good music and might take those mature enough to remember those good ol’ days back in time, both with his sound and his refined look. ‘I’ve always liked looking good and I’ve always taken an interest in my appearance, it makes me feel nice’ he told TRC.


    Willy Moon was a thrill seeker when he came from New Zealand to the UK in 2007. With a one-way ticket and a dream in his pocket, he didn’t know that just fours years later, the dream would come true. ‘When I started working on ‘I Wanna Be Your Man’, I though hey, this might actually be something’ and he was right. The video has amassed over 224,000 views on YouTube to date and we anticipate plenty more.



    ‘I hope I never have to experience copyright theft’ Willy admitted, and he thankfully won’t have to worry too much about that now after signing to Island Records. However, he has always been someone who believes in protecting his work. ‘I used to burn a CD and enclose my lyrics and then get a timestamp. I think that using the Royal Mail option is like sending a message in a bottle, but it is well worth protecting your work.’ he went on to call TRC’s free copyright service a ‘noble cause’.


    Now that he is signed to a major label, we feared that he might also become a lot less like the Willy we’ve come to love, ‘One of the most important things when signing the deal for me was retaining the ability to do my own things. I do love that this music deal is enabling me to do what I love’.


    You cannot help but notice the difference between Willy and other newcomers in the industry ‘It’s just me doing it he told us, other artists have decisions made by committee, there’s no personality to be found in it.’ His standout character is only one of the reasons we see Mr Moon going far.


    If he weren’t making such great music, we think he’d still have landed a contract, it would most likely have been a publishing deal. ‘I’d probably be trying to write short stories, this was something that I was doing in tandem with creating music, nothing fills me with more happiness than to create something, it is like a basic human urge.’


    Willy will be performing live shows in February, don’t worry, we’ll keep you updated.


    Got a creative urge like Willy, make sure you protect and share it!

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