Epic Win for Anonymous

    This book rightfully reveals that trolls have evolved from those fantastical creatures created by Terry Pratchett. They’ve become internet savvy demons who trawl message boards and websites making useless comments that can funny (depends if you are on the receiving end). They spam inboxes and they’re basically the internet version of the clowns that give tourists the wrong direction on purpose.


    But you don’t have to read this book to find that out. No, you’ll want to read this book to find out what Cole Stryker has managed to uncover from the cliquey world of 4chan, where the users create posts that go viral and plan raids, which can also be fairly harsh forms of cyber bullying.

    In ‘Epic Win For Anonymous’, Cole Stryker analyses the often feared and assumed omnipotent power and influence that is 4chan. A website that attracts millions of visitors a month and is mainly known for all the wrong reasons, (e.g the Anonymous hacking stunt of taking down any organisations anti WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange).

    Stryker demonstrates that 4chan really isn’t that scary, well, it is just a place that you wouldn’t send your child unaccompanied seeing as users of the site have been known to make an 11 year-old girl cry. Cole Stryker does manage to unravel some of the layers of mystery of a site that is constantly growing in popularity, by breaking down its appeal into neat sections over the first few chapters of the book. What the reader gets to see are actual benefits of using 4chan and equally its shortfalls.


    Explaining that 4chan is not the first of it’s kind and nor will it be the last, Stryker investigates the site’s enchanting allure, not unlike that of other unconventionally successful websites of today.

    The most interesting part for The Right Copy, was knowing that 4chan was created by a young person who has influenced the creation of blogs such as Cheezburger; a site that has built on the success of the ‘lolcats’, an instantly recognisable meme that originated on one of 4chan’s numerous boards. People are feeding off what the talented 4chan members create, passing it off as their own and making money a fair amount of money. This is creating issues of copyright infringement, which we all know is difficult to police online?

    Epic Win for Anonymous is out now and is a bit of an eye-opener!

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