Sistah Souljah’s Meaning of Love

    Sistah Souljah’s New York Times Bestseller ‘Midnight and The Meaning of Love’ proved at times, a very powerful compelling read.


    Souljah managed to create an enlightening and heart-warming story of a brave character willing to go that extra mile for his love.


    Connecting the countries of the world, Souljah’s strong-willed and determined character ‘Midnight’, is completely devoted to protecting his family and embarks on a tumultuous journey to reclaim his wife from her father.


    The novel highlights key elements of devotion and human compassion, but also explores war, identity, and rage, something that Souljah has done before in her gripping autobiography and her debut fictional work.


    This book, however is not as gripping and unfortunately does not hold the imagination like The Coldest Winter nor as honest as No Regrets. The sentences run on way too long from the beginning and let’s face it, we are used to raw and forceful and ‘Midnight and The Meaning of Love’, starts off just a little to slow.


    Throughout the story Souljah focuses on the spiritual moralities of connecting mankind of all cultures through poetry and letters and Souljah has tried to add another dimension to her writing, but sometimes things are just better in 2D.


    Midnight and The Meaning of Love is out now.


    By Neelam Shah

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