The Chronicles

    Andrew (Dane DeHann) starts to document every aspect of his life by filming it with his new camera. The good, the bad and the ugly. With everything going against him; he comes from an abusive home, has a terminal ill mother, Andrew’s life is not the typical American teenage life. Then again whose is?


    All soon changes after one night, when Andrew, his cousin Matt and a new found friend Steve discover that they all have supernatural powers – the power to move objects with their minds.


    At first the boys use their powers to play minor tricks on members of the public. Moving a woman’s car, scaring a little girl with a teddy bear and so on. Learning about their power, describing it as a muscle. (It grows stronger the more they use it).


    Things soon turn ugly, when Andrew starts mixing his emotions with his new-found power. This puts many people’s lives in danger, especially those who are close to him.


    Director Josh Tank smartly puts us in Andrew’s shoes, seeing his life through through camera there isn’t one moment that is not filmed by a character. This it makes the film more realistic, more a documentary rather than a Hollywood film blockbuster.


    With humorous moments showing the typical reaction of teenagers with supernatural powers, there are some lighthearted moments. In essence the good times are good, and the bad times are pretty ugly and Dane DeHann really captures our hearts by playing a simple yet complex character.


    Smartly put together, Chronicle show how the art of storytelling as changed. Instant human reaction when witnessing something extraordinary, is to video record it. Instead of a story being told, it is now filmed.


    Want to watch something that will keep you intrigued and give a little tug at your heartstrings, go ahead and watch Chronicle.

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